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Joe Paterno Breaks NCAA Rule

The ESPN "Difference Makers: Life Lessons with Paterno and Krzyzewski." taping yesterday at Eisenhower Auditorium on campus was supposed to be about a pair of coaches who do things the right way. Turns out Joe Paterno had a little surprise for the folks from the Worldwide Leader when he confessed to committing an NCAA violation just the other day.

Passing by Holuba Hall, where several football players were conducting unsupervised workouts, Paterno stopped to watch for a few minutes without speaking to anyone, he said. Suitably impressed, he returned to his office where he reported to the coaching staff that at least one player had looked good and caught his eye.

"You know you broke a rule?" someone said, pointing out that coaches aren't permitted to watch players working out before the start of practice in August.

Penn State spokesman Jeff Nelson said the university will report the incident to the NCAA.

"Our compliance office is aware and will relay the circumstances to determine if there was a secondary violation," Nelson said.

Probably weren't a lot of people who saw that coming.

This likely won't amount to much of anything as it's at worst a self-reported secondary violation. It's a reminder to some fans, though, that Penn State's crap does in fact stink sometimes and that no one is perfect. Odds are, secondary violations like these have occurred a number of times in the Paterno era, they just haven't been dropped in the media's lap like they were yesterday.