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Nitt Links Is Watching The NBA Draft

Whats up people? I'm back. Long week and I needed to focus on some stuff before I could give you my full attention. But lets be real. Hopefully I'm not the only source of you news, and you haven't been wondering what the hell happened since I dropped of the grid. Don't worry though, I'll fill you in.

NBA Draft is tonight, and even though it seems more than likely Talor Battle will become a free agent, I'll be watching hoping to hear his name called. Bubby will end up somewhere, playing basketball for someone, but nothing beats being drafted. I should know, I've completed a few NBA 2K Dynasties myself.

But for real. Best of luck to Talor. I'll buy your jersey wherever you go.

---Hot Topics---

Ohio State's Gee apologizes to Little Sisters - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

This is really almost as much fun as the NCAA violations. If not better.

Maryland's Edsall would like series vs. Penn State - York Dispatch

I bet you would. I bet you would...

Coach Paterno Day could be coming to PA - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

I already dress like Joe every Thursday.

---Best Of The Rest---

NBA mock draft based solely on college production - ESPN

Talor comes in at #10.

Battle's game walks the walk - Charlotte Sports |

Draft him. Please.

Geoff Calkins: Boring NBA draft night reward for job well done

In all honesty, just about every draft is as boring as it can be. The NFL draft is as close as it comes to moderately exciting. And then you realize it doesn't matter how many QBs the Lions draft, they're still the Lions.