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Nitt Links: Brains Are Allowed

I'm not one to call somebody out. Well I have, but online slap-fests aren't really my cup of tea. That being said, some seriously mindless things are coming out of Fugi's end of the state. Joe still being around while Pitt and Penn State are playing has blown the lid off of the age-old "Joe won't play Pitt" story and now we're running around coming up with reasons why it is still his fault. While for Penn State fans this news has come and gone, I couldn't let this get away untouched. (#tcap)

---Hot Topics---

JoePa decries 7-on-7 ‘auction blocks’ | CollegeFootballTalk

The more that comes out about this special with Coach K, the more I am looking forward to it. By all accounts Joe sounded very good and less zombiefied than usual. Great to hear that he is sounding and looking good.

Ex-Lion sees limited action as Miners fall | The Tunkhannock Times, Tunkhannock, PA

Glad to see Scott back on the field in any shape or form.

Penn State's Joe Paterno renews his pitch for eliminating freshman eligibility in college football

Honestly, I think a lot of good could come from this. But there is no way it is going to happen.

---Best Of The Rest---

Voting - 2011 ESPYS - July 2011 ESPNHD


UW football: Bargain rate for tickets

Just interesting to see it from a different point of view.

Pittsburgh Sports On Tap: Who Cares About Pitt/Penn State?

If you made it this far, this is your reward.