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Nitt Links: Is Trying To Make A Castaway Joke

Thanks to Jacobi I'm sitting here on my bed listening to Nyan Cat for what it says has been 8 minutes and 34 seconds. I'm somewhere between crazy and insane right now so we'll just get down to it. Russell Wilson is coming to the Big Ten, Noah Spence might come to Penn State, and Tre Bowman is in a picture that won't result in his eventual arrest. Not a bad start to the day.

---Hot Topics---

 Gruden, Pryor debate bubble screens - NFC South Blog - ESPN

I'm actually looking forward to this. I'll have to watch the replay since this airs the same time as Joe and Coach K are talking on ESPNU, but generally speaking Pryor makes for some fun tv. In the end, it is pretty funny ESPN is airing "Damage Control: Morals and Old People" around the same time as "The Problem, Young Kids with Tats Just Not Giving a Damn".

Commit: Calling Paterno my head coach ‘is amazing’ - NCAA Football - Sporting News

We may not have gotten too hyped about the commitments, but you can't take away this sort of excitement from these kids. Maybe you won't be the next Dan Connor, but at least you respect the jersey.

Noah Spence has Penn State football on his radar

Did you know that the NCAA announced tweeting at a recruit is now an NCAA Violation? Good luck with that one. I only bring this up because I had a two tweet conversation with Spence a few days ago. bad..

---Best Of The Rest---

Pat Chambers Already Fighting For Recruits

And by that I mean fighting. As in to the death.

Connecticut, Georgetown interested in Oliver | Georgia Tech

I know, two basketball links after the season ended. Oliver would be a headliner if we picked him up though. Even if we don't Chambers is doing a hell of a job so far.

Wisconsin just became the Big Ten favorite -

This whole Wilson thing is going to be interesting. I kind of like Wisconsin so I'm glad he's on a team I don't hate. That being said, he can eat a load of Beaver Stadium dirt when he gets here.

*Edit* --He'll never visit Beaver Stadium. Thanks for all the emails. I still want him to eat grass.