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Ode to LaVar Arrington

You probably noticed by now that the good folks of Nestea have been kind enough to sponsor us this week to help pay the bills that keeps BSD and SBNation operating smoothly to bring you all of this great coverage. So thanks to them for that. In keeping with their Nestea Bold theme, they wanted to know our favorite "bold" player.

For me, my favorite Penn State player of all time was LaVar Arrington. I can still remember him running around in garbage time as a true freshman asking myself, "Who is that guy." It was obvious then that he was a man among boys.

I loved watching Arrington play because his style was completely reckless. In fact, he was so crazy that he was the inspiration behind Adam Sandler's character in The Waterboy. It drove Paterno and Sandusky crazy, but eventually they learned to stop trying to make LaVar conform to the system, and they started conforming the system to LaVar. They let him roam free to find the ball and make plays, and the results were astounding.

Arrington struck fear in his opponents. Defense coordinators did everything they could to run the play to whichever side of the field didn't have Arrington. Besides Lawrence Taylor, I've never seen a defensive player completely take over a game the way LaVar Arrington could.

He'll always be my favorite player for his bold style. Who's your favorite Penn State player?