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Nitt Links: Deadspin, Jail, and Planking

All I'm going to say is Penn State is on Deadspin.

Yea, this.

I'll admit to knowing almost everyone in this video, so I can't act like I don't think this is cool.

---Hot Topics--- news: Newton's QB coach expects to work with NFL-minded Pryor

Well...that is fitting. On about every level.

New Penn State uniforms displayed on Twitter

Not really news, but a more official look. A lot of people don't like the Nike logo, which I get. At the end of the day though, a good 90% of the time that you'll see Penn State playing you won't be seeing the Swoosh.

Latest Wisconsin addition spells trouble for Penn State in finale |

Oh my lawds. He's going to be running and chucking. Buuuut, Wisconsin always loses night games.

---Best Of The Rest---

Pitt Football: Mike Haywood Allegedly Seeking Review Of Termination - Cardiac Hill

I'm glad he's upset because I forgot about how much win that whole Haywood event was.

Guilty Plea in Case Tied to Ohio State -

Even I won't say this really has anything to do with OSU, but it's another event in the saga.

The School Philly - Penn State Football Players Planking Around Campus

It speaks for itself.