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Boston-State College Flight Scheduled, Pat Chambers (Again) Reportedly Offered Job

Nothing is quite as dramatic as tracking a coaching search by keeping an eye on flight schedules. Perhaps we're being a little overdramatic, but hey, this is a dry run for when if Penn State has to replace Joe Paterno in the future. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Flight_data_medium

There's what appears to be a private flight from Boston's Logan Airport to State College's University Park Airport scheduled for this afternoon. We can only speculate that it might be carrying Boston University's Pat Chambers to a new gig as Penn State basketball coach, but that's why we're a blog.

As we speak, there's a Coaches vs. Cancer golf outing taking place in State College with lots of Penn State basketball big wigs in town for the event, and as David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News tweets..."As of midday Friday, Jeter not a factor in PSU search. If anyone notable other than Chambers and Flannery wants this job, don't know of him."

Call it speculation, but it looks like all signs are pointing toward a coronation, folks.

UPDATE 2:30 P.M.: CBS' Jeff Goodman on Twitter..."Boston University coach Pat Chambers was offered the Penn State job earlier today - per sources."

UPDATE 2:43 P.M.: Gary Parish of CBS tweets..."Ron Everhart and Rob Jeter have both publicly withdrawn at Penn State. That means, barring a shock, BU's Pat Chambers is getting the job."

UPDATE 3:10 P.M.: David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News tweets..."Pat Chambers has been offered job by Penn State, is in negotiations. Now talking with his BU staff. Not a done deal. Close." Looks like it's game over folks.

UPDATE 3:45 P.M.: Boston University's play-by-play man Seth Orensky tweets..."Pat Chambers is new head coach at Penn State according to team sources. Chambers on a charter flight now to PSU after 2 yrs at BU" We're waiting for a press release.

UPDATE 4:35 P.M.: A reader says in the comments below a middle-aged blonde woman disembarked from the flight arriving from Logan Airport, so that's kind of a bummer. It was cool to use Flight Aware for a coaching search regardless.

UPDATE 5:00 P.M.: David Jones a couple minutes ago..."Chambers/PSU in i-dotting, t-crossing stage. Finally, PSU will have a high-rev salesman stumping for its mbk team -- never had that before."