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Nitt Links: Blogroll Please?

Get it? Drumroll, blogroll? Anyway, now that we've all seemed to have calmed down from our proverbial internet panty bunching yesterday, it's time, well it is past time to tell you that you need to read a blog. Not this one, but Thank You Terry. Maybe you don't like hockey, but there isn't a single place on the web more up to speed with Penn State hockey. I guess that isn't the most compelling argument to get you to read it if you don't like hockey, but it'll have to do.

In all seriousness, give it a look. It is next to impossible to make space for yourself on an overcrowded blogosphere so sometimes you need your 15 seconds of fame. So there you go Kyle. Don't let me down ;)

---Hot Topics---

Golden revitalizing Miami, nationally and locally

I'm torn between Golden, and Fitz. And I wouldn't turn down Meyer, even though that makes almost half of you upset.

Basketball ticket sales up from last year - The Daily Collegian Online

750 student packages sold. 90% of last years sale already. Good good stuff.

PSU's 2012 recruiting class gets even bigger - The York Daily Record

It's a good thing they don't have to carry many stars with them! Shwing...

---Best of The Rest---

Penn State football comments: In praise of Joe Paterno |

Joe-Coach K show is tonight. Don't miss it.

 Stocking Up For The Big Time

Talk about a solid first roster.

Pat Chambers Picks Up His First Commitment: Akosa Maduegbunam