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Robert Bolden Still Undecided

While we were stalking flights out of Boston and introducing ourselves to new head basketball coach Patrick Chambers yesterday, a little bit of football news slipped under the radar as Robert Bolden talked to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ron Musselman about his future at Penn State.

"No, I still haven't [decided anything]," he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Bolden declined to elaborate.

There had been speculation in some circles over the last week that Bolden had quietly decided to return to Penn State for 2011. Looks like that was wrong, though, as here we are at the beginning of June with the sophomore quarterback still trying to make up his mind.

It's more than a little worrisome that Bolden still isn't 100% committed to the program at this stage in the game. I can understand the disappointment that caused him to seek transfer after the Outback Bowl. I can even see how he might have wanted a few weeks after spring practice to get his head straight.

The second summer session of classes is coming up quick, though, and fall practice won't be far behind. This can't drag out much longer. If Bolden is serious about staying at Penn State, he's going to have to figure this out soon.