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Nitt Links Has A Big Day Ahead

So today is the big day. We get to meet our knight in shining armor and listen to him answer the same sorts of questions that he's answered for the past few days, just outloud. I jest. It's an exciting day for basketball fans as all of us are going to see what this guy is really like. Press conference is on BTN at 2:30 but if you can't watch because you're at work, or don't get the BTN Fugi will be tweeting as it goes along. You can see the links for that stuff down and to the left on  this page. Even if you don't have twitter you can still follow along.

Enough of that stuff. Time for the news.

---Hot Topics---

 Raise your glass: WVU allows beer sales at football games | CollegeFootballTalk

Beacuse you know, there is no way this will end poorly.

WALK: Chambers brings enthusiasm to Penn State - York Dispatch

More reasons he makes me happy.

Ohio State / Buckeye fans rally for Tressel

I wonder if these people know the NCAA isn't going to kill Tressel if they find him guilty of various Tressel-like things.


---Best Of The Rest---

Army women flatten Penn State for rugby sevens title

More power to the people who play this game. It just makes me cringe watching it.

Chambers plans to make changes

I was hoping for more dollar dog nights.

Penn State Football: The 14 Most Important People in the Program Right Now

We don't make the list. I'm sort of offended.

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