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Nitt Links: And They're Off

So the Pat Chambers era has started. I got a chance to talk to to Pat for about five or so minutes, mostly about life and those sorts of "Hi hello, my name is Ben" sorts of things. But I can tell you that if this guy can recruit then the sky is the limit. By all accounts he knows his Xs and Os and there isn't any doubt at all he's a good speaker, it's just about who he can get to play. I really like the guy, so I'm excited to do my part to get him where we all want the program to be.

---Hot Topics---

 New coaches bring a new uncertainty to Ohio State-Michigan rivalry |

Maybe if Michigan wins again it'll be a real rivalry

Spirited Patrick Chambers introduced as Penn St. coach - ESPN

More of the "gets me excited" stuff.

SPORTSbyBROOKS " Audio: Stewart Asked Writer To Smear Holgorsen

SbB writes some of the most misleading titles. Either way, WVU is a pile of LOL.

---Best Of The Rest---

Dayton Daily News : Huggins confirms Staten’s transfer

So it is offical. We can let that issue rest now.

Chambers Bringing a Brand Name to Penn State Basketball

I would have taken a charge for that guy by the end of his speech. I couldn't, mostly because no one way playing basketball, but if they had I would have gone all out.

YouTube - We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan(Tressel Walk)

Oh Lord.
Singing We don't give a dam for the whole state of Michigan! Go Bucks!

Huggins confirms Staten’s transfer