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Nitt Links: Ok I'm Kinda Gonna Miss Him

So our boy Terrelle is gone. I gotta say, as much as I hated him, I'm going to miss him for all of the various things that made him such a fun player. And by that I'm talking about public speaking.

I'm sick so I'm going to bed before the NBA Finals game is over. If the Mavs win I'll be a happy man when I wake up. If they lose, I'll just remind myself that Chris Bosh looks like an angry dinosaur.


---Hot Topics---

Joe Paterno, running back Will Mahone and Skype -

I'd love to be a fly on that wall. I can only imagine

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor giving up senior season at Ohio State Buckeyes - ESPN

And we will miss him. For so many reasons.

Ohio State football: Details revealed on Tressel calls, texts | BuckeyeXtra

5,000 calls and texts. That's beyond awesome.


---Best of The Rest---

HEISER: Time for Penn State to end Bolden Saga - York Dispatch

I agree it should end, maybe not with a transfer though.

For Penn State Recruiting Philly Was A Mindset

So you're saying there is hope?

Thank You Terry: Picture It

I can't wait for this. I'd help build it if it would make it go by faster.