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Nitt Links: An Ode To Zack Mills

Last night a few of us on twitter were talking about Zack Mills and his general level of awesomeness. It got me thinking about next season and this whole quarterback situation. Zack Mills was the man, he didn't have a rocket arm, he didn't have amazing numbers, but he played his heart out for that team. There was no "I" in Zack Mills (minus the I) just "Team"  something that seems to get lost from time to time.

And that's why next season Penn State will rely on both quarterbacks. Whomever gets the job, and whoever has to ride the bench knowing the job was once his. The quarterback on the bench in a lot of ways could be more important than the one of the field, roaming the sideline pouting about it isn't going to help anyone, and it is going to take everyone on the roster to make the 2011-12 season something to remember. Nobody needs a guy calling up his daddy when the going gets tough.

So Mr Bolden, or Mr McGloin. Take a page out of Zack Mills' book. Suck it up, and do whatever you can to help the team move forward.

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---Best Of The Rest---

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Lots of videos on this side of the jump

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And why wouldn't you link to this.

I made this all in fun. Just enjoy it and lets move on.