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Nebraska Officially Joins The Big Ten

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At midnight this morning, the Big Ten officially welcomed Nebraska as its 12th member and Penn State welcomed what will be a staple of its football schedule for the foreseeable future as the Cornhuskers are the Nittany Lions' protected cross divisional opponent.

Many hope the two schools can forge college football's next big rivalry. Penn State, though it has formed secondary rivalries with Ohio State and Michigan, still hasn't quite a primary rival after almost 20 years in the conference. Nebraska, now without traditional rivals like Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas, will be looking for a new Big Ten-style feud, too.

Given the pair's history of butting heads in national championship races, it shouldn't be too hard to get the blood going in football.

Penn State will also meet Nebraska twice in men's basketball this upcoming season, as well as twice in women's volleyball, a sport both schools are powers in. After a long stretch of dominance in the Big Ten, Russ Rose's squad might finally have a true challenger for Big Ten supremacy, which will make this coming women's volleyball season as intriguing any the Lions have had on their four-year national championship run.

If you're looking for some fine Nebraska blogging, our choice is Corn Nation. The guys over there do a great job and have been good friends of the program since the Big Ten news broke last summer.

So, welcome, Nebraska. The hugs and kisses end now, though. See you in November.