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Nitt Links Is Secondary To None

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I apologize for that.

Season is getting closer, which means we're getting even closer to obligatory positional rundowns and previews of games against teams you've never watched, and will probably never watch again. But once we get through that we're home free and looking at a warm sunny afternoon in Happy Valley. And that my friends is worth all of the random scouting reports in the world.

---Hot Topics---

Big Ten position rankings: Secondary - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

I've always liked our secondary, mainly D'Anton Lynn who has turned into a grown man.

Derek Moye, Stephfon Green talk offense

If I could wish for one player to get it going again, it would be Green. It's one thing to play poorly, it's something else when you're too hurt to play.

2011 Penn State football poster misprinted and now available

I don't dislike this, but it still doesn't beat the Whitehouse poster.

---Best of The Rest---

And they're off! Bolden, McGloin lead PSU QB race -

I sit next to McGloin in my Joe Paterno class. If he leans over and whispers the answer to this question I'll let you know.

Know Thy Opponent 2011: Penn State Nittany Lions - Hammer and Rails

Was watching some mid-2000s highlights today thinking about the time when Purdue was scary.

Thank You Terry: Calling Scoreboard


How should classy Alabama fan best enjoy PSU tailgating experience? |

Wine and orange slices.