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Nitt Links Likes The Crossover

Can you imagine if Jamelle Cornley played football? A little undersized for some positions but I bet if you gave him the ball he wouldn't go down after first contact. The context of this will make sense after the jump but for now just think about Mel doing work.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State's Astorino 'embarrassed' by 2010 season - York Dispatch

I'm telling you, this is going to be a fun year. For real.

Energetic Paterno showing 'swag' - The Daily Collegian Online

This would be one of those reasons.

Rob Bolden has totally changed -

Like totally dude.

---Best Of The Rest---

Austin Scott Penn State lawsuit dismissed

In news that never ends.

OSU trouble prompted Kyle Kalis to switch to U-M | The Detroit News

Word is that UM hustled him into going to Michigan but I guess we'll see where that leads.

Jamelle Cornley Playing Football

Sort of.

Penn State's backfield is on Redd alert - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Dear Offensive Line, play well enough so Redd can do his thing.