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Penn State Adds Buffalo To 2015 Schedule

Penn State hasn't announced anything officially on its end yet, but it appears the Nittany Lions have added MAC school Buffalo to their 2015 football schedule as the Bulls' website is announcing a visit to Beaver Stadium on September 12 of that season.

"We are extremely excited for our fans, alumni base and our football program to have another opportunity to play on the kind of stage that Beaver Stadium and Penn State present," said Warde Manuel, Vice President and Director of Athletics. "Playing before more than 100,000 fans is an experience that any student-athlete looks forward to and we expect to go and compete with great effort as we did in our first visit to Beaver Stadium."

The 2015 non-conference schedule is already set to feature the back end of a home-and-home with Rutgers at Beaver Stadium as well as a road-trip to Temple. That leaves one slot open on the schedule. Don't look for that to be anyone remotely exciting as 2015 is sandwiched between roadtrips to Rutgers in 2014 and Pittsburgh in 2016.  That ties Penn State's hands in finding a good home-and-home, so expect a weak FBS or FCS school to fill that slot.