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And You Are...?

A quick introduction to the small army of writers we've assembled here at BSD, with our respective Twitter handles.  Hopefully, this eliminates some of the (totally and completely understandable) confusion.

Chris Grovich (@scrappled) and Kevin Powers (@thefolkist).  For those of you who are new to BSD, we used to write here two or three years ago.  I wrote at a blog called (and posted here for ages under the name) Run Up The Score.  Kevin previously had a blog called The Big Eleventh and posted here under Kevin HD.  He'll be writing about hockey, football, and various sports business topics.  I'll be writing, handling podcasts, and essentially doing this:




All these Linebacker-U guys.  Perhaps its best if you take a look at their bios over at LBU.  Many of them, such as Mike (@MikePettigano), Galen (@TheNittanyLine), and Jeff (@EpicTripod), have been writing about PSU for a long time on various sites.  Mike will handle a lot of the editing and assignment duties, in addition to football writing.  Jeff's specialties are football (especially recruiting) and volleyball coverage.  Galen is our college wrestling expert.

For some sick reason, Tim (@HappyHourValley) and Eric's (@BSD_Eric) main interest is the Penn State basketball team, but it looks like their devotion is going to pay off under the Pat Chambers regime.  You'll hopefully remember Tim from his site, Happy Hour Valley, and Eric from both Crispin and Cream and Raise The Curtains.

Nick (@1600doctorb) will be handling BlogPolLOL duties, while Peter (@runthedive) and Kyle (@kmart93) will be on links and hockey duty.  For those of you who frequent EDSBS, you'll recognize Peter under the screenname Greyshirted.  You're already quite familiar with the work of Adam Bittner (@fugimaster24), Ben Jones (@Ben_Jones88), and Adam Collyer (@AdamCollyer) here at BSD, of course.  We have big plans for all of them.

And there it is, an amalgamation of thirteen writers (again, see "herding cats" video above).  The roles and assignments will undoubtedly change and overlap, but the overarching goal remains to provide the Penn State community with the best content possible.

Ready?  Break.