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Success With Hyperlinking Is Getting Used To The New Digs

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Success With Hyperlinking is the successor to Nitt Links as the source of morning links here at BSD. I'll be bringing you news from across the Big Ten and across the country, and hopefully we'll have some laughs while we're at it. And with that, let's party.


That sound you hear is Gene Smith shuffling his feet uneasily. Jim Tressel had a documented history of compliance herpderpery going all the way back to 2001, according to the Columbus Post-Dispatch. Whether the NCAA will take this into account when ruling on Ohio State's penalty is anyone's guess, but it certainly does not help OSU's argument that all of this was Tressel's fault and that administration had no idea what was going on.

Hey! Speaking of NCAA violations... Georgia Tech got smacked this past week, seemingly out of nowhere. The Yellow Jackets were fined $100,000, stripped of their 2009 ACC title and placed on probation for the next four years,The penalties are the result of former players Morgan Burnett and Demaryius Thomas accepting impermissible benefits, but greatly exacerbated by university officials steadfast refusal to cooperate with the investigation. And thus is written another chapter in the book called "Don't Screw With The NCAA If You Commit A Violation." I can't stop thinking about Paul Johnson dishing out haymakers to any NCAA investigator that came to his door. We all know it happened.

Continuing the theme. USC running back Marc Tyler get caught up in the midst of a hop frenzy and done shot his mouth off. Fun!

They're all winners in my book. As some of you may know, Michigan's been toying with the idea of using a mascot. The Detroit News ran a contest where readers submitted their ideas for what the mascot should look like, and it is every bit as glorious as you could imagine. I'm not sure if the anime version is supposed to be an homage to Greg Robinson or not, but I'm just going to say that it is. And lawdy lawdy, is it ever appropriate.

Relevant-ish. The Good Doctor takes a look at BYU's future as an independent. The Cougars have been rumored to be a future out of conference opponent for Penn State, but whether that materializes or not remains to be seen. Don't worry though, Buffalo's on the board!

I... I didn't know you had it in you, Jim. Former Georgia coach Jim Donnan was accused of running a ponzi scheme that pulled in over $14 million for him and his family. He never really struck me as the kind of guy that would orchestrate a complex financial fraud mechanism, but hey, the world is full of surprises. If the accusations are true, hopefully everyone who got swindled can get their money back and Donnan can think about what he's done while incarcerated.

I don't think this could've been handled any worse. Kevin already weighed in on ESPN's massive cock-up of the Bruce Feldman suspension, but Every Day Should Be Saturday's Spencer Hall's thoughts on the situation also deserve mentioning. What an unbelievable mess. #TeamBruce