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Success With Hyperlinking Thinks Honesty Is The Best Policy

Success With Hyperlinking, your daily look at what's going on across the college sports world, from Happy Valley to Death Valley.

BREAKING: If you're in trouble with the NCAA, do not screw around with them. LSU self-imposed recruting restrictions and lost two scholarships as a result of an assistant coach's improper phone recruiting techniques back in 2008/09. The NCAA accepted LSU's penalties, and added one year of probation. Earlier this week, a lot of people were looking for a "bomb" to drop on an SEC West program, but this definitely isn't it. In their report, the NCAA COI made sure to applaud LSU's cooperation throughout the investigation. You hear that, Georgia Tech/Ohio State/USC/everybody? You can view the Public Infractions Report here. We have Les Miles' reaction to the COI's findings after the jump.


In case you were wondering, none of the infractions in this instance are related to LSU's relationship with Will Lyles. That investigation is still ongoing.

About that Marc Tyler thing. Yeah he's suspended from all team activities, the season opener and possibly longer. Considering USC's recent compliance issues, I'm sure AD Pat Haden was overjoyed that a senior that should know better got drunk and shot his mouth off, even if he was joking. I still think he should've been suspended based solely on his saying USC stands for "University of Sexual Ballers." Good to see that education put to good use, Marc.

Speaking of USC. Nebraska QB Cody Green will not be transferring there. Green, who's leaving Nebraska because he's scared to death of Bo Pelini of a change in offensive philosophy, will be transferring to either Baylor or Tulsa. Now Nebraska just has to make sure Bo and Carl don't combust due to contact with Taylor Martinez's father.

Pertinent! One of the bigger stories this off-season is recruiting camps, and whether they're going to drag college football to the same place that AAU has done to college basketball. Dan from the Solid Verbal is currently at the Nike Elite 11 QB camp in Malibu, taking meticulous notes on everything that goes on. I understand why recruiting camps organized and run by shoe companies makes people nervous, but dismissing these as EVIL and SLIMY without closer inspection is silly. What is clear, though, is that better oversight is necessary to keep the shady characters that absolutely do exist as far away as possible.

I mean, I'd be committed to the Big 12-2 too hahahahahahaha. The Texas A&M board of regents is meeting this week to discuss how they should respond to Texas and the Longhorn Network. Everyone involved seems to be toeing the company line about how they're committed to making the Big 12 work, and how they're not discussing their long-rumored move to the SEC. However, if I were A&M (or anyone in the Big 12 for that matter), I'd be ready to jump at any second if it would provide a more stable long term situation. The Longhorn Network is poised to make an already unbalanced conference even more unbalanced, and I wouldn't blame A&M one bit if they left the Big 12 because of it.

Well would you look at that! A story that doesn't make you feel dirty! Arizona WR Juron Criner has been cleared to go for this season after leaving the team earlier this summer due to mysterious medical/personal issues. There's been a lot of conjecture thrown about over this, but all that looks pointless right now. Criner is one of the most exciting wideouts in the country, and Arizona desperately needs him to be on top of his game for them to be competitive this year. Either that or lean on Mike Stoops' coaching acumen*.

Penn State should probably dust off the Al Golden weight lifting video. This is sure to turn the heads of recruits.

*Mike Stoops is a bad football coach. This is a terrible idea.