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BSD Week In Review: 7.22.11

2010 Penn State vs Michigan-80

Sometimes you miss posts that you later realize "hey, wish I read this!" So that's what we're going to help you out with.

In our first week on BSD, there were 26 front page feature articles. Pretty sure one of those slipped through the cracks. This will likely become a staple of Friday nights, to give us losers who are actually home on the internet tonight something* to do. Also, be sure to vote in the poll rating this week's news.

Sunday - 7.17.11

The Future Is Listening - Chris Grovich

And You Are...? - Chris Grovich

How the West(ern PA) Was Won - Galen

Monday - 7.18.11

Success With Hyperlinking Is Getting Used To The New Digs - Peter

Bruce Feldman, ESPN and the Growing Sports Entertainment Problem - Adam Collyer

Summer Snapshot '11: Alabama Crimson Tide - Mike Pettigano

Penn State’s Greatest Games Of The Big Ten Era: 2006 Orange Bowl - Adam Collyer

Tuesday - 7.19.11

Success with Hyperlinking is Focusing on Penn State - Kyle Martin

Too Much Information 2011: The Alabama Edition - Galen

Inside The Bloggers Unwashed, Unshaven, Studio 2011: Alabama Edition - Tim Aydin

Summer Depth Chartin': 2011 Defense - Mike Pettigano

Oh, Hello: PA QB Skyler Mornhinweg Commits To Penn State - Jeff Junstrom

Wednesday - 7.20.11

Success With Hyperlinking Thinks Honesty Is The Best Policy - Peter Gray

The Greatest Chapter In Penn State Basketball History Is Currently Being Written - Tim Aydin

Pat Chambers Making The Most Of July - Ben Jones

Summer Depth Chartin': 2011 Offense - Jeff Junstrom

Ten Dollars To Burn: The Most And Least Accurate College Football Preseason Magazines - Chris Grovich

Thursday - 7.21.11

Success with Hyperlinking is Blogging in the Shade - Kyle Martin

TMI '11: The Nebraska Edition - Galen

Summer Snapshot '11: Nebraska Cornhuskers - Mike Pettigano

Coach Chambers Wants You, Devin Thomas! - Eric Gibson

Friday - 7.22.11

Success With Hyperlinking Is Tackling Its Way To The Top - Peter Gray

Friday Recruitin' is Gettin' Greedy, Wants Some More Skill Players - Jeff Junstrom

Inside the Bloggers Unwashed, Unshaven Studio: Nebraska Cornhuskers Edition - Jeff Junstrom

Oh, Hello: PA TE/DE J.P. Holtz Commits To Penn State - Jeff Junstrom

For Silas Redd It's Time To Shine - Ben Jones


*Even though this is not a post on specific topics, please remember our rules: No politics; No religion; No politics and religion.