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Success With Hyperlinking Blows Out The Candles

Now THIS Is More Like It.  Tied 21-21 with 1:33 left in the fourth quarter, and stuck at your own 20 yard line on 4th-and-4? PUNTROOSKIE.



Sure, we collectively took our shots at Bobby Bowden, but it's a miracle the guy was able to walk straight with balls like that.  And those PANTS. Shiny pleather! If you want to dig deeper into the Puntrooskie, this rather fascinating article from 1998 is the place to start.

Raise One For Toyota Jackson.  It's been just over nine years since we lost George Paterno (who loved to mispronounce Tyoka Jackson's first name), but you can experience his 57th birthday in the Beaver Stadium announcing booth with a spry Stan Savran during Beaver Stadium's first-ever night game in 1986.

Jay's All Up In Your Internets. Jay Paterno took a ton of questions via Twitter and posted responses on his HD Journal blog.  Most of the responses are the typical, neutral responses you'd expect from any coach, but there are some nice details in there as well.

Pro Combat. Like War, But Not.  Michigan State is going to wear Nike's Pro Combat uniforms for their game against Michigan.  We've seen the alleged Penn State version of these things, right? 

Make 'Em Say HURRRRR.  Can't look at a Slow State college football blog without someone ripping apart Rick Reilly's insipidly moronic Nebraska To The Big Ten column on  Except, sadly, The Daily Gopher, who thinks it was funny unless they're working on an elite Upper Midwest level of sarcasm I can't comprehend.  Anyway, Eleven Warriors bats around Reilly better than most.  Also, girls!  Gross!

Don't Blame Jerry Kill, He Voted For Kodos.  Really, Big Ten?  We're not doing the "official" top three selections or Preseason MVP thing anymore?  But whatever will [195TH VARIATION OF TERRELLE PRYOR PRESEASON MVP JOKE.].  Still, lame.  And kudos to Rittenberg for twisting the knife a bit: "No word yet on whether every team and player will also get a preseason participation trophy."