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Success With Hyperlinking Is Staying Up Past Dave Brandon's Bedtime

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Charles Robinson wants you to live in fear. If you'll look back into the past with me for a moment, you'll remember that Yahoo!'s resident angel of death, Charles Robinson, said on a radio interview that he was working on a couple different investigations, one of which he termed a "10" that would be released around August. Well folks, it's getting awful close to August and Chuck's playing coy.


Yes, that's it. Keep sleeping with one eye open considering both Robinson and Wetzel have yet to be wrong about any of the programs they reported on this offseason. I'm sure they're not talking about Penn State, as if they were Robinson would've described the story as a "threeventeen" on a ten point scale.

Football at night? Egads, what madness is this? Michigan AD Dave Brandon doesn't think playing their game against Michigan State at night is a good idea. He also thinks that crushed red pepper on pizza is just way too spicy, man.

"I don't even know if I want to do that at home," Brandon said. "I think the passion and the excitement of the crowd, to energize that with a night game, may be more than either one of us can handle. I think we'd have to be very careful about that. But we'll see. You never know what the future holds."

There are so many lame pizza-related jokes in that article that I'm loathe to make one now, but I'm still shocked Brandon wasn't able to coax Les Miles into coming back to Ann Arbor considering the grass there now comes with a delightful garlicy crust. [enthusiastically high fives everyone]

And so the teacher has become the student. South Carolina QB coach G.A. Mangus was arrested last night in Greenville, SC for "nuisance conduct," better known as actin' a fool in public after a long stop in Cold One City. Mangus has been suspended indefinitely, and I'm sure got an earful from Head Ball Coach over this. I'm not sure if part of his job description was to set a good example for noted suds enthusiast Stephen Garcia, but South Carolina should be given high marks for positioning themselves for a run at their first SEC title with a couple party brahs in charge of the quarterbacking.

/digs foxhole. /lobs over shoulder. /takes cover. Here are the mid-year recruiting rankings according to Rivals. Clearly nothing to get too high or low over, but I think this stuff is interesting. And hey, 37 is a fun number!

If one of you uses this to start talking about the debt ceiling, I will cut you. One of the potential casualties of any cuts in federal spending may be the Pell Grant program, which is often used by schools as a form of aid in addition to partial scholarships. This would be devastating to the non-revenue sports. Make sure to keep an eye on this, as it will directly affect some of the teams you root for.

Just a quick heads up for later in the week: Now that the NFL's back on schedule, I'll have an update for all moves made by Penn State alums. I'm just going to let the dust settle on the FA market first.