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Nitt Links Is Shamelessly Self-Promoting

Just a friendly reminder from your friends at BSD to go grab a copy of Nittany Lion Kickoff 2011. It's full of stories you could tell your children as they fall to sleep. It's interesting enough to bring to the bathroom, and it's thick enough to use a coaster and still leave half of the magazine undamaged. So pick yours up today and give it a read!

---Hot Topics---

Maple Street Press-High Quality Sports Publications

Notice the use of the phrase "High Quality"

Broadcaster Boland Remembered for Unfailing Fairness, Sharp Humor

Great guy in every way. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Ohio State plans response to NCAA allegations by Friday

Time to get the popcorn. Even when nothing new happens to Ohio State, somehow it still manages to be fun.


---Best Of The Rest---

The Opening notes: Bri'onte Dunn still a Buckeye ... for now - ESPN

I guess he's waiting to see what happens too.

I See Red People: Or, How I Learned To Hate Nebraska - Black Heart Gold Pants

What you've come to expect from BHGP

‘Original Nittany Lion’ Lands at Penn State All-Sports Museum |

It's pretty cool to see if you've never been to the library before.