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Jarron Jones Withdraws Penn State Verbal


When five-star defensive tackle recruit Jarron Jones committed to Penn State in April, the choice was classified as a "soft verbal" by many experts. Most expected Jones to continue exploring his college options, and apparently he has according to WHAM in New York, which says the prospect has reopened his recruitment. 

Jones said on Tuesday that Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech are all in the running when it comes to making his decision.

"It was really a better way for me to explore my options," Jones said at a football workout in Rochester.  "All four schools have an equal chance at me and we'll see where we go from there."

Jones informed Penn State of his decision earlier this week. 

"I talked to the coaches, they were upset about it but they won't stop recruiting me.  We talked and everybody's on the same page though."

Here we are, another day with another example of how hopelessly flighty the college recruiting process is and a reminder of how difficult to predict the whims of high school teenagers can be.  This news will certainly upset many in the sphere, but you can sum up my thoughts in one word.


The WHAM piece also quotes Jones as saying he thinks Notre Dame, a smaller school, might be a better fit for him coming out of the smaller Aquinas in Rochester New York. If that's what's in his mind, there's really not much the staff can do about that. What's the point of getting emotional about it one way or another? Jones would be a nice feather in Penn State's cap, but he needs to find the situation where he feels most comfortable. If that's not Penn State because of its size, well, that's the breaks.