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Nitt Links Is Less Far Away Than The Day Before

100 days til basketball season, and even fewer days until football kicks off. We're so close yet so far away. Have no fear though, I've got a lot of links to remind you how far away we still are. Or if you're a glass-half-full sort of person, how far we have come since we were "really far away" from the season starting.

 ---Hot Topics---

 Five members of Alabama's defense are named to Bednarik Award watch list |

Those players are senior strong safety Mark Barron, junior inside linebacker Dont'a Hightower, junior cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, junior free safety Robert Lester and senior outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw. Looking at the picture in this article, I am unsure how Rob Bolden didn't die during that play.

Penn State wide receiver named on Biletnikoff Award watch list

I wasn't always impressed with Moye. But when Lord Zug started dropping passes and Moye went all out against Sparty, he got my vote. Kid ought to have a pretty good year if we can find somebody to pass him the ball.

Penn State defensive line needs to step up, justify recruiting stars |

Good old Jack Crawford, the hype that keeps on hyping. I don't blame him for that though. He has been pretty solid, but just not at the level we expected from him. I'm fairly sure that 90% of that excitement came from the fact he is European though.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ed DeChellis adjusts to a new routine with Navy basketball - The Washington Post

Actually really good article about what Ed has been up to. For as much hell as I gave that guy, I do kind of miss him a little bit. I do intend on following Navy next season though. I'd love to see them play well.

The Reebok Basketball Breakout Challenge

This is the sort of thing I binge-read, but Pat Chambers is watching 3 guys at this tournament play this week. The whole site has info and videos and whatnot but you're looking for Maduegbunam, Anglin, Frink to do well.

Penn State’s Problems: Recruiting or Development?

We've pretty well gone over this a few times, but I think Fugi is putting together a counterpoint or a response post so I figured I'd give you context ahead of time. And if he isn't anymore, I made graphs and damnit somebody needs to read them.