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Nitt Links: A Blast From The Past

I'm taking the Joe Paterno and Media class right now over the summer and I've got to say it is a pretty impressive course. Far from the hardest thing I've taken, but getting to look at old videos, interviews, and film has been pretty amazing. I know a lot of you BSDers are out of school, but for those of you who aren't, if you get a chance to take the class do so. Looking at Paterno's personal planners from the 80s has been something special.

---Hot Topics---

Can Stephfon Green live up to his potential?

I sure hope so. Not because I'm greedy and whatnot, I just love watching this kid play.

Morelli OnLion: No Question at QB

"Bolden played against inferior teams" that just isn't true. It just isn't true.

Lift for Life Leader Shrives to Raise Money

I'm hoping to get out there today and take a peak at everybody but we'll see how hot it is outside before I walk across town.

---Best of The Rest---

Penn State 2011 Point Spreads Improve... a Bit

The -8 of Bama doesn't surprise me. Being only +1 against Nebraska does though.

Getting You Caught Up: Penn State Hockey

Everybody was like "OMG HOCKEY" and then we stopped talking about it.

Championships without cheating? History is against it

Single tear...