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Success With Hyperlinking Never Played For Auburn Either

I see you trollin', Topps. According to his rookie card, Cam Newton's collegiate career was limited to Florida and Blinn Junior College. Prescient, or just some bros looking for a laugh? It would seem to me that this is INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF THAT AUBURN'S TITLE IS FIXIN' TO BE VACATED ROLL TIDE. In all honestly, this is probably just an oversight by a data entry intern, who responded thusly when alerted of his mistake (and was then fired).


Someone never learned his lesson. The Big Ten and Jim Delany were universally panned after debuting Leaders and Legends as the Big Ten's new division names, and for good reason - it's awful. One would think that after such a massive PR blunder, B1G leadership would be a little less, how you say, smell-their-own-farts-ish about the next thing they have to name, but that is not the case. Behold, THE HEROES GAME. Great job, Jim. Just great. Like the rest of the country needed another reason to think the Big Ten was a bunch of smug bastards.

Hey, in less embarrassing conference news. The Big Ten is considering scheduling a conference game during the first four weeks of the season. I'm not against this, as other conferences have conference games in September and the world still seems to be turning.

I wonder if he knows about the quarterback situation? Graham over at Dr. Saturday previews your 2011 Penn State Nittany Lions, and he is not optimistic that this season holds much promise of being a return to the top of the conference. Were any of you aware of this hardscrabble quarterbacking situation the Lions have on their hands, because he sure makes it out to be important. So important, in fact, that Hinton did a dedicated preview of the Rob Bolden- Matt McGloin battle. Rob or Matt: Please, for the love of all that is holy, one of you grab the starting job and never let go of it because I'm getting really tired of worrying about it.

(Seamless segue about Big Ten quarterbacks goes here). Nebraska super-recruit Bubba Starling still isn't sure whether he'll ever line up under center for the Huskers. Starling was taken fifth overall by the Royals earlier this summer in the MLB Draft, and reportedly will need about $10 million from Kansas City in order to secure his signature. Considering the, umm, rocky relationship he has with incumbent starter Taylor Martinez, I'm confident Bo Pelini is hoping that the Royals aren't willing to put up the cash to sign the toolsy* outfielder.

Of Course Les Miles Loves Lil Wayne. ESPN surveyed SEC coaches on a variety of topics this past week. Most of their answers were typical evasive and uninteresting coachspeak, but there are a few gems in there. For instance:

  • Les Miles loves Weezy. Makes sense.
  • Everyone said Derek Dooley is the best dressed coach (He is). It certainly isn't Saban.
  • Will Muschamp has heard some cussin' during post-game handshakes, but doesn't want to rob us of our innocence by mentioning which cuss words were involved.
For further in-depth analysis and solid gold photoshopping, see Spencer over at EDSBS.

Conference realignment is the story that just won't die. The Texas A&M-to-the-SEC rumor persists, but now Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are reportedly interested in bolting to the Pac-12. The Longhorn Network sure has a lot of people spooked in that neck of the woods, as Texas will be making $15 million more a season than every other school in the Big 12-2. I understand why these other schools are upset about it, but I highly doubt anything will come of this in the near future. Just something to keep an eye on.

*ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Correctly used the word "toolsy."