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Success with Hyperlinking Envies JoePa's Toughness

Ever wonder what it feels like to walk out of a tunnel to the sound of 110,000 screaming fans?

Penn State White Out - Tunnel Walk (via bartmanpsu)

I have two tweets to share to start off today's links. The first is from Jay Paterno, and it is pretty much Joe in a nutshell. The other is an interesting piece of trivia from Chris Fowler that should encourage Devon Smith in the future. At any rate, Joe is back at practice and one can only hope to have a tenth of his toughness.

We're in for a lot of these kinds of articles after Joe's injury on Sunday. Adam Gene Collier thinks that because he is old, then JoePa is too old to coach. He also manages to insult Devon Smith a few times for good measure. Joan is unimpressed. I much prefer Bob Flounders take on this subject. Someone make sure that Smith is alright!

Graham Spanier says there is a need for more integrity in the NCAA

Guy Gadowski will retain current Icers assistant coach Josh Hand as a goaltending coach. Hand will also be the head coach of PSU's ACHA D2 team, the Ice Lions. I for one am glad to see that Gadowski isn't hanging the assistant coaches out to dry.

Is Mike Hull the next great PSU linebacker (after Mauti of course)? He sure seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

36 former Penn Staters are in NFL camps this year. Here's a nice breakdown of who is where.

Four of Penn State's former women's volleyball stars have taken the court again. Nicole Fawcett, Alisha Glass, Christa Harmotto and Megan Hodge are all on the U.S. Women's National Team in the FIVB World Grand Prix. Hodge is still a dominating player, and the US team is currently 4th in the standings at 3-0.

This is a couple of days old, but Kleph over at Roll Bama Roll has discovered the subject of Yahoo!'s blockbuster investigation.