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BSD Week in Review: 8.12.11

Another week down, another week closer to real college football. What happened this week? Oh, NOTHING, unless you count a frightening collision between a frail and easily felled man and Joe Paterno, three mega-commitments on the recruiting side, an interview with the King of Compliance, some healthy Buckeye semi-trollgazing, and previews of the Penn State quarterbacks, running backs, fullbacks, tight ends, and receivers.

Nothing at all. Since we concentrated on the skill positions this week:

Monday - 08.08.11

Success With Hyperlinking Is Fixin' To Place Some Wagers
Penn State Position Previews 2011: Quarterbacks
Three Things Penn State Should Do In 2011: Bolden, Defense, & Blue Band
Q&A with Bylaw Blog's John Infante
Nine-Game Conference Schedules: A Roundtable Discussion
Joe Paterno Injured At Sunday Practice

Tuesday - 08.09.11

Success with Hyperlinking Wants Moye Moye Moye
Penn State Position Previews 2011: Running Backs
Three Things Penn State Should NOT Do In 2011: Alabama, Quarterbacks, & Reverses

Wednesday - 08.10.11

Success With Hyperlinking Has Never Husked Corn Either
Penn State Position Previews 2011: Fullbacks
Oh, Hello: PA WR Eugene Lewis Commits To Penn State
Oh, Hello: IL DT Tommy Schutt Commits To Penn State

Thursday - 08.11.11

Success with Hyperlinking Envies JoePa's Toughness

NCAA Continues Ohio State Investigation - "Not So Fast, My Buckeye Friends"

Penn State Position Previews 2011: Tight Ends
Snacks On Snacks: Pretzel Crisp Sandwiches

Friday - 08.12.11

Success With Hyperlinking Is Hitting The Books

Friday Recruitin' Is Counting Down The Minutes To End The Greatest Week Ever

Oh, Hello: MA CB Armani Reeves Commits To Penn State

Penn State Position Previews 2011: Wide Receivers