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Success With Hyperlinking Is Staying Put

It seems that Expansionpalooza 2k11 is over. Texas A&M's very public flirtation with the SEC created a lot of sound and fury, but at the end of the day the Aggies aren't going anywhere for the time being. However, despite this setback, it's more than likely just a matter of time until A&M is a member of the SEC. For what it's worth, Dan Beebe is saying all the right things regarding A&M staying in the Big 12, but the bridges have been burned and momentum has the two parties headed in opposite directions. As Hinton said in his article, Mike Slive and the SEC look like they're slow playing A&M 1) to avoid any sticky legal entanglements with the Big 12 over "poaching" a member program, and 2) to wait until a second expansion target can be identified and confirmed. The status quo will remain for now, but it doesn't seem that the Aggies are long for the Big 12.

We're moving forward! Wait... Nope. Nevermind. The reshuffling of the college football landscape that started last year (and will likely continue in the next few) has made some conference commissioners and athletic directors open to the idea of a "Plus One" playoff format. That's right, just ask them! What's that? Jim Delany immediately poo-poo'd the idea? Talk about a shocker. HATE U, BCS.

Well this makes it ALL better. Ohio State officials went before the NCAA Committee on Infractions on Friday, and while we still don't know whether the NCAA will add onto OSU's self-imposed penalties, we learned that Ohio State will forfeit their share of the revenue from the Sugar Bowl ($338,811) to charity. 

This is me bathing in schadenfreude. For all the hand-wringing being done over the Longhorn Network, a slight problem remains before the network can destroy the known universe: No one can watch it yet.

Let's wait and see. The deadline for MLB teams to sign their 2011 draft picks is midnight tonight. Kansas City has yet to sign Nebraska's Bubba Starling, and it's expected that if he signs it'll go right down to the wire. Considering how much Bo Pelini seems to hate Taylor Martinez, Starling may have a chance to see some playing time this fall. That is, if he plays in Lincoln at all.