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Success With Hyperlinking Creeps Upward


The Houseguest Who Will Never Leave.  Aggies are the broke cousin who keeps showing up on your doorstep, and they just need a place to crash for a few days, man.  They'd totally do it for you.  Spencer Hall notes that, despite the SEC's faux-protestations yesterday, the path is clearing for Texas A&M to get curb-stomped on a regular basis by the middle tier of their new conference. The Wiz weighs in, as does Andy Staples, citing the legal process moving forward.

Follow Adam Jacobi.  Follow him on all over  Follow Adam Jacobi's preseason All-Big Ten team.  Follow Adam Jacobi sandbagging his own team and foolishly predicting a loss to Penn State.  Follow Adam Jacobi predicting the order of finish in the Big Ten.  Just follow him.

Finally, Someone As Ridiculously Secretive As Joe Paterno.  Penn State isn't the only program that guards its practice secrets like they're the "33" from a bottle of Rolling Rock.  Nick Saban also has his practices and scrimmages on lockdown, but here's what Roll Bama Roll was able to obtain.

Caring Is Calculating.  MGoBlog tallies up the latest recruiting rankings, and Penn State is flying up the chart.  They're now second in the conference, behind Michigan.

And It's Not Just Football.  Patrick Chambers is putting the full-court press on Central Dauphin's Devin Thomas, who will visit Penn State over Alabama weekend.  Thomas is citing location as a factor and has a top three of Penn State, Temple, and Wake Forest.