The Yahoo! Sports "10": Booster at Miami runs the program

Before you read any more of this FanPost, you should make your way over to Yahoo! Sports (which, you will notice, has a "Miami Probe" tab atop the main page now).  The "10 out of 10" story that Dan Wetzel and Charles Robinson have been promising for months has finally broken, and it's a doozy.  I could try to summarize it myself, but I'm not going to do better than Mr. Robinson's own introduction:

In 100 hours of jailhouse interviews during Yahoo! Sports’ 11-month investigation, Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro described a sustained, eight-year run of rampant NCAA rule-breaking, some of it with the knowledge or direct participation of at least seven coaches from the Miami football and basketball programs. At a cost that Shapiro estimates in the millions of dollars, he said his benefits to athletes included but were not limited to cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play (including bounties for injuring opposing players), travel and, on one occasion, an abortion.

Dirty stuff indeed--made even dirtier in my eyes by the fact that the university seemed to tacitly approve of Shapiro's conduct.  Here are direct links to the three primary features on the matter.

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players: This is the meat of the scandal, providing a blow-by-blow of Shapiro's interactions with the players--complete with credit card statements and photographs.

Why Miami is in trouble: this doesn't involve any prostitute parties or stripper abortions like the first article, but this is the stuff that really makes my skin crawl.  Shapiro was well-known to the Miami administration ("that guy we named the new lounge after," or perhaps "that guy who assaulted the compliance director").  He apparently gave them ample cause to suspect him of wrongdoing, and he made no attempt to conceal that wrongdoing from them (or anyone else).  And yet, the school never acted.

Who is Nevin Shapiro?: This piece gives you some insight into the booster's motivations, both in bankrolling the team and in ratting them out.  The former is difficult to summarize.  The latter is simple--revenge.  When the shit hit the fan, he turned to the players he'd thought had become his friends thanks to his generosity, and they turned their back on him.

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