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Success With Hyperlinking Is Driving Old Dixie Down

Safe to say that any future NCAA action against Miami will look like this, correct?



Collateral Damage.  There are reports of him being passed on the depth chart in West Lafayette anyway, but don't expect to see Robert Marve suiting up for Purdue this fall.

Stink. Stank. Stunk.  A profile of new center Matt Stankiewitch, who will be crucial to any hope of a sustained running game in 2011.

Tom Osborne Was A Thug-Coddling Turd.  There.  Said it.  We don't care what happened in 1982, we don't care that Mike McCloskey was out of bounds.  And no, I'm never, never letting go of 1994.

I Welcome Our Drunk Punter Overlords.  Really?  Given that the situation at placekicker is a true freshman and a fourth-team wide receiver, Anthony Fera's impending multi-game suspension is multi-bad.

Moxie. It's contagious.

Oh, You Don't Know The Shape I'm In.  Here's a music bonus for your Thursday: The Band, live at the Palladium from 1976.  Go get it, for free at Captains Dead..