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Success With Hyperlinking: Sponsored By Hard Work, Family Values and Corn

How about the Big Ten leaves anything requiring creativity to someone else. The Cy-Hawk trophy got a makeover and surprise surprise, it doesn't make any sense. I can guarantee that Jim Delany is behind this, because a football rivalry trophy featuring a family chatting over a basket of corn is the most Jim Delany thing since, well, a few weeks ago.

Speaking of Jim Delany. According to Ole Jimmy, the Big Ten is not looking to expand any further at this point. However, you can bet your britches that if he really thinks the much talked about SUPERCONFERENCEARMAGEDDON is about to go down, he'll be hustling to get some of the better options into the fold before other conferences can do so.

RELEVANT. Taiwanese animation of newsworthy events is one of those things that make life so great. The latest piece of gold from the Far East takes on the Miami scandal. If you don't think this is funny, you're the one with the problem, not the rest of us.

Eek. I saw that Rambler put up a fanshot of this over the weekend, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this. Georgia's wearing some fancy Pro-Combat uniforms for the opener against Boise State, and they're, umm, different. I'm not against going with crazy uniforms sometimes, but I just don't understand this. I'm guessing Nike didn't think about how upset this guy is going to be about this. For more photos of the uniforms, go here.

Mr. Popular. Peezy had his Pro Day over the weekend, and a lot of team are at least taking a look at him. I'm not sure anyone will pick him now due to his suspension, but who knows. There are a lot of dumb people that run NFL franchises. #billsfan #sadtromboneforever

This may sting a little, LSU. Several LSU starters, including QB Jordan Jefferson, were involved in a bar brawl in Baton Rouge on Friday. Nobody's been charged with anything yet, but the players will be having a chat with Baton Rouge police today. If reports are true that Jefferson was kicking a Marine in the head, then he should probably go ahead and take a seat for a while. A long long while.

This doesn't quite have the panache of the Miami-Ohio State game, but it ain't bad. Oregon, LSU's opponent in the season opener, are looking like they're going to lose RB Lache Seastrunk to a transfer. If you recall, Oregon allegedly paid Will Lyles $25,000 in order to "persuade" Seastrunk to go to Eugene, so it would be pretty chill if he left A) without ever playing a down for the Ducks, and B) with the program potentially receiving sanctions down the line as a result of him.