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Success With Hyperlinking Says Buckle Up!

Well I'm back to doing SwH after I took last week off to move from Minnesota to Pennsylvania. And now here we sit, a mere 11 days (11!) from kickoff. Today's video comes courtesy of Adam Collyer's friend. It's a good one:

Penn State 2005 Football Highlights (via Jessman7)

Now, onto the links!

I wrote a little bit about Chaz Powell in yesterday's cornerbacks preview, but Frank Bodani has a more in-depth profile of Powell.

Penn State's women's ice hockey team picked up their first recruit for 2012 and as always, Thank You Terry is there to tell us who she is. TYT also takes a look back at one of his favorite Icers games against Ohio.

This probably makes JoePa happy. Shane McGregor won a $5,000 scholarship through a national essay competition. He's one of 5 people country wide to win the scholarship this year.

Derek Moye talks to GoPSUSports about his rivalry with Chima Okoli in Fifa... and also about the receiving corps this year.

Penn State has a new men's tennis coach. They hired Wake Forest's Jeff Zinn to take over the program. Zinn had a lot of success at Wake Forest, turning them into a perennial top-25 team.

Silas Redd Sr. has played an instrumental role in shaping the current PSU running back. His guidance has turned Redd into the perfect kind of player for a Paterno-coached team.

And I'm sure you've heard by now, but Terrelle Pryor has been supplementally drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 3rd round. And with that, I hope to never have to write about him again.