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Success With Hyperlinking Is Hatin' On Dan Persa's Stride

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Ohhhh, Pat, this is so lame. Pat Fitzgerald described Dan Persa's still-limping stride as a "pimp walk." If you didn't wince while reading that, you probably like lame things.

Goodbyes. Hopping on the first train out of town this week are Michigan WR Je'Ron Stokes and Oregon RB Lache Seastrunk. Stokes is leaving Michigan after a fairly uneventful tenure in Ann Arbor, so the impact on the Wolverines wideout corps should be minimal. Seastrunk, on the other hand, leaves Oregon with an unfortunate legacy of never playing a down, yet embroiling the program in controversy. He'll be heading back home to Texas and will sit a year before suiting up for Baylor.

Reconsidering a bad idea? Imagine that! Remember that Cy-Hawk trophy that nobody liked? It's already a thing of the past.

This little maneuver is called "You're boned, Miami." If you've been paying attention to the unfolding scandal at Miami, you'd have noticed that a lot of the players that were involved that either went elsewhere or transferred have already been cleared to play by the NCAA. The reason why? The NCAA gave them limited immunity in exchange for turning state's evidence. I think this qualifies as"leaving no stone unturned." If this doesn't convince you that the NCAA won't be going easy on Miami when they get in front of the Committee on Infractions, then I'm not sure what else will convince you.

And they're in the clear. Tennessee will not be the subject of further sanctions by the NCAA. Bruce Pearl and his assistants weren't as lucky, as they have all received show-cause penalties. Unfortunately, Kiffykins escaped from the NCAA's clutches unscathed.

Avert your eyes! Maryland's new uniforms make Georgia's Pro-Combat uniforms look like an old time classic. Man alive

Countin' stacks, y'all. The Collegiate Licensing Company released their rankings for merchandise sales over the past year, and Penn State comes in at number ten. The only Big Ten program to come in higher is Michigan. Not too shabby.

Hey! You there! Do you think Craig James is a terrible announcer/alleged hooker murderer? Then buy a #FireCraigJames wristband! They're $3.50 a piece, and the proceeds go to tornado relief in Tuscaloosa. Failing to buy one means you endorse hooker murder and approve of incompetent boobs abusing their position of employment to help railroad a good coach out of a job.