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Success with Hyperlinking is Writing Letters

I haven't read much of what's been posted on Grantland, but apparently John Brandon felt the need to write a letter to Jim Tressel on the site on Wednesday. And surprise surprise, he essentially forgives Tressel and says "everyone does".

Mark Cuban is sticking his nose into college football... but actually has a pretty cool idea. Allowing conference champions from conferences that don't play championship games (i.e. Big 12, Big East) could be fun and it would give us a few more games to watch on Conference Championship Weekend.

I think the Penn State Knee Hating Gods have turned their hatred towards Purdue. Projected starting QB Rob Henry tore his ACL this week, so it looks like Robert Marve may slide back into the starting role.

Les Miles totally  has a future in radio broadcasting if this coaching thing doesn't work out.

Skynet has been created and it's learning how to play football. Football is a complex sport, so a group of computer scientists have been using it to teach their AI's to recognize a complex operation and learn how to do it. The applications for a system like this can range from assisting in nursing homes to improving supply chains for the military.

Apparently Brady Hoke is fond of pointing at things. And this tumblr page is strangely mesmerizing.

Why couldn't Oregon and Boise St. play this year? Their new jerseys certainly have a Darth Vader and Stormtroopers feel to them. I have to say though, out of all the pro combat unis Nike has created over the past few years, the Ducks' black ones are one of the best I've seen.

USC is finally ending their appeal of the sanctions they were handed last year. They're disqualified from postseason play this year, and they lose ten scholarships a year for 3 years beginning in 2012.