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Three Things: Cash Money Division


Part Two of our great adventure into "Three things we'd like to see." We don't have corn on my side of the conference. Just money, and cars.

You can't all be bad right? Somebody has to step up. Between Indiana, Illinois, and Purdue one of these teams has to take advantage of the fact Wisconsin is the only team in the division with its act together. I'd like to take Purdue out of these three teams on the merit that they they have a kicker that can kick 300-yard field goals. Not to mention, it's never a good idea to bet on any team Ron Zook is coaching. That being said, the Illini have some decent parts coming together this season so it might be that one time every 15 years when they upset a few people they shouldn't. If anything, some balance in the division won't make it a three horse race every year. I hope.

Karma please? In light of the whole Miami situation, a few free tattoos don't look so bad. I'll be the first to admit much of the OSU scandal was overblown. Even so, I wouldn't mind seeing Ohio State get what they deserve and maybe a little salt in the wound to boot. Nothing would annoy me more than watching OSU prance around the Big Ten like nothing happened. A few #HumbleLosses here or there would do the trick. Make it happen, Sports Gods.

That's how my NCAA meeting would have gone.

Lights out in Madison? There are very few constants in sports. Aside from the occasional Ohio State upset, Wisconsin can't win when it's dark out. The more hype the game gets, and the darker it is outside, the bigger the derp. So far Wisconsin is looking at 4 games at night. Forget about Russell "Jack Terrier" Wilson, if the rest of the team can't shake off the afternoon hangover this might not matter. This isn't a wish like the other ones, but merely a statement of fact.


  • Wisconsin
  • Penn State
  • Ohio State
  • Purdue
  • Illinois
  • Indiana

This was actually a little harder than it should have been. Conventional wisdom says Ohio State reloads and moves on like nothing happened. In the past this would make a lot of sense, but Tressel isn't around and that willl make a bigger difference than we might think. Ohio State won't be a pushover, but they've got a bad loss or two in them.

Wisconsin is probably going to be too talented to really mess this up. Assuming that Penn State figures out what it is doing before the final stretch of the season, it isn't at all unlikely that the final game of the season will decide the winner of the Cash Money Division.

I still think Purdue can somehow put it together. I'll just leave it at that before I dig my grave any deeper.