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Success With Hyperlinking Says The Show Must Go On

One of my favorite things about being a student at Penn State was that first September Friday before a football game. It was so nice to get out of class and see the streets filled with people who were rolling into town for the weekend. After a long, mostly quiet (can't forget about Arts Fest) summer, the first football weekend really makes State College feel alive again. It was so refreshing. Then on Saturday's we were treated to the Greatest Show in College FootballTM.

Penn State Football 2011 Hype (via jproduction729)

To start off today's links, Mike Poorman writes that Joe Paterno is one in two million. Literally.

Bob Flounders says our expectations for Penn State should be lower this year. While I don't necessarily agree with that, he does point out some valid concerns that we should keep in mind. 

My thanks go out to Jason Kirk for providing us with this chart of the TV schedule for football this weekend. 

Athlon sports has compiled quotes from a number of Big Ten coaches about other teams in the conference. There's one pretty interesting quote about Bolden in there.

Our favorite ESPN bloggers ranked Penn State 5th in the conference to start the year. I think that's a pretty fair placement of the team. Now it's up to them to work their way up to #1.

GoPSUSports has previews up for the Indiana State and Alabama games. Also, be sure to check out the upgrades to Beaver Stadium this year.

Mihn Vu, a Junior midfielder for the men's soccer team, was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. Not a bad way for him to start off his PSU career.

The 8th ranked Penn State field hockey team knocked off #3 Virginia on Sunday, winning 3-0.