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Success With Hyperlinking: Subpoena-Free Since Forever!

I'm sure this will be pleasant. The 72 players that were mentioned in the Yahoo! piece on Miami will be subpoenaed by the bankruptcy court handling the Nevin Shapiro case. This may bring additional information to light regarding just what went on over the past decade at Miami, but it will definitely bring about some of the players paying back the value of the benefits they received if the benefits were deemed to be valuable enough. I suppose that's what happens when you fund years upon years of improper benefits with money bilked from Ponzi scheme victims.

Additional Miami news. The NCAA has responded to Miami declaring eight of its players ineligible, and they're all going to have to sit at least one game and repay the value of the benefits they received. The suspensions break down as follows:

Six games: Olivier Vernon

Four games: Ray Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye

One game: Jacory Harris, Sean Spence, Travis Benjamin, Marcus Forston, Adewale Ojomo

As the Aggie world turns. It's looking more and more like A&M's ship is sailing away from the Big 12. If this story doesn't come to a conclusion before this weekend, then... well... I'll be really annoyed. FOOTBALL START PLEASE NOW NOW NOW.

LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME. Meet EcoKat, Kansas State's new environmentally friendly mascot. It's also not a cat, but a girl dressed in a gray and purple superhero outfit. 

Well I'll be, I didn't know they made Cliffs Notes for Xbox 360. Former Ohio State wideout Duron Carter has been admitted at Alabama and has begun practicing with the team.

This is still so damn sad. Oklahoma will honor the late Austin Box with a helmet sticker, and by having a different defensive starter wear his number 12 each week.

Read this now, then hug everyone you love. Really touching stuff from Ramzy at Eleven Warriors.

RIP Justin Dantonio. Condolences to the Dantonio family on the loss of Mark's father.

How about we end on a lighter note, shall we? The Ballad of Joe Bauserman, or: LIKE A BAUS. (Context here, NSFW language unless you're a boss)