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Kevin Newsome Seeks Transfer From Penn State

Apparently for real this time.  A sad day for those of us who watched the video of a thoughtful, beaming, piano-playing high school senior quarterback a few years ago, and hoped he would blossom into the next great Penn State quarterback.   

According to Ron Musselman via Twitter (@rmusselmanppg), Kevin Newsome has left the Penn State football program.  At this point, there is no word on a possible transfer destination.  He considered a transfer following the 2010 season, but decided to stick around for the spring semester.

In mop-up duty, Newsome completed eight of 11 pass attempts in 2009 and six of 13 in 2010, for a career passing yardage total of 144 yards.  He ran for 59 yards last season and did not play in Penn State's final six games.  He struggled with his mechanics and often looked uncomfortable in live action, but his raw athleticism (and ebullient charisma) made him a niche fan favorite among Penn State fans who thought Newsome could help in short-yardage situations or occasional off-beat offensive packages.

Newsome's departure, combined with the academic ineligibility of Paul Jones, doesn't have an immediate impact on the Bolden-McGloin Quarterback Controversy Of Doom, but it certainly affects (1) Penn State's depth at the position, as Shane McGregor is now your likely #3 quarterback, and (2) Penn State's recruiting strategy going forward.

[Updates: Musselman's story in the PPG; the Daily Collegian snags a vague quote from Newsome's father, Kevin Sr.; Fight On State story; Lions 247 ($).]