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Penn State Fall Practice: The Hammer Drops


Penn State started fall practice this week, and boy, were the players ready for it.  Some of the pre-practice tweets:

Silas Redd: #RISEandGRIND

Mike Wallace: this year is gonna be extremely interesting

Devon Still: #Rise&Grind time to get to the money

Christian Kuntz: Literally bout to be #RISEandGRIND time. Today is Aug 4th. Wow.

Turns out that they really weren't ready.  For those who thought the team looked a little soft at times last season, take this as excellent news:

Devon Still: By far the toughest we had in 4 years

Justin Brown: my legs r done after the first day tho...smh #trainingcamp

Khairi Fortt: Does anyone have any yarn? I have to sew my quads & hamstrings back on, they fell off walking to dinner

Silas Redd: Today definitely set the tone...this camp gon be #REAL

Johnnie Troutman: As soon as I stopped moving for lil bit my body started to hurt....

Johnnie Troutman: I can't put wat happen today into words... It was dat crazy

Quinn Barham: AYOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It just got real

Stephen Obeng-Agyapong: Today was not practice, today was survival.

Nate Cadogan: Lost 6 pounds during practice today!!!? Literally need dinner right now!!!

Matt McGloin: About the same RT @KevinFloun: @dmoye6 @MacQB11 tougher workout, day 1 of camp or lift for life?

 Some players decided that sleep was the best option:

Andrew Goodman: kinda embarrassed to go to bed soon, but that's the only thing to do without feeling soreness

Christian Kuntz: A whole preseason I meant. Damn I'm dead tired.  I feel like that practice was equivalent to a whole person. That was unreal #BODIED

Mike Wallace: Just woke up, practice bodied me

Justin Brown: idk if ima make it out this 1

Christian Kuntz: @CPowell02 and @NSukay1 just came in and woke me up. I didn't even kno I fell asleep. Smh. That's all I really can really say

Adam Gress: This is a depressing day for PSU football twitter #bodied #camptweet

Others wisely sought to help the future massage therapists of America to sharpen their skills:

Rob Bolden: In dire need of a massage right now.. Offers??...

Derek Moye and SOA: 2nd that my body too sore right now RT @Beng2smooth: Any of my followers a masseuse? In need of your services!

Adrian Amos: Practice was crazy lol... Im tired....Can somebody come give me a massage tonight?

Very charitable, volunteering their bodies like that.  Other people might not be willing to allow an unlicensed therapist practice on them.  However, it was Adam Gress who had the most sobering tweet of all -- but won't this be quasi-legendary if Penn State works its way back to a BCS bowl in 2011?

Adam Gress: Who else is aware that's the easiest practice were going to have? #justsayin