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Success With Hyperlinking Is Fixin' To Place Some Wagers

Like I need a reason to post this.

It's getting close now. There's less than a month until we have real live football on our hands, which means that lines for the opening week of games have been released. May your wagers be fruitful.

Not entirely sure a press conference was necessary for this. It isn't a big change, but Purdue's got some fancy new uniforms. It actually isn't a change as much as a simplification of the old uniforms, particularly in terms of accent striping. Nike's heavy hand is the subject of much scorn, but I think this is a win for tastefulness.

Surprise! Butch Davis offered his son, Drew, a scholarship before he was ousted at North Carolina, a move that university administrators were not aware of at the time and don't seem particularly pleased about. To be fair, coaches offering their sons scholarships isn't anything new. However, when you consider Davis' extremely public and extremely acrimonious exit from UNC, I feel bad that Drew will be the one that has his name dragged through the mud.

Look, guys! Penn State isn't the only program with a QB controversy! If Brian Kelly knows who will be quarterbacking Notre Dame on September 3rd, he is playing it close to the vest. A lot of people seem to think Dayne Crist will be the guy, but Tommy Rees looked really good towards the end of the 2010 season. Ideally, the starting job should be decided by who can best get that chocolate milk.

PROBLEM? The Lee County (AL) Sheriff's Dept. has cornered the market on "U MAD, DEADBEATS???" I love this story so much I want to hug it.