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Joe Paterno Injured At Sunday Practice

While the official details and nature of the injury have yet to be released by the University, sources have confirmed that Joe Paterno has suffered an injury to his pelvic and shoulder regions sometime Sunday afternoon. The cause of the injury is yet to be released but indications are that it took place during a collision at practice Sunday afternoon.

With media day scheduled for this Thursday, it will be interesting to see how the athletic department handles this development as the Nittany Lions prepare for an exciting 2011-2012 schedule. Obviously at this time Paterno's health and well-being are at the forefront of our minds, but there are many intriguing questions yet to be answered. To jump to any conclusions at this point in time would be unwise.


Multiple sources have indicated to Blue White Illustrated that Penn State head coach Joe Paterno was injured at yesterday afternoon's practice session.  According to the sources, Paterno suffered injuries to his pelvic and  shoulder areas after getting knocked down by a wide receiver running a route.


Official Penn State release:

It does not appear that surgery will be required, according to Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli, Penn State Director of Athletic Medicine.  "I expect to be back at practice soon. I'm doing fine; tell everyone not to worry about me," Paterno said. "I like the effort I have seen from the squad during our first few practices, but we have a long way to go to get ready for the schedule we have."