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Success with Hyperlinking Wants Moye Moye Moye

I'm sorry about the pun, but today's links are Derek Moye heavy so it seemed appropriate. But first today's video: 

Penn State Football Pump Up 2011 (via PSU4621)

And now onto the Derek Moye news. Moye comes in at #16 on ESPN's Big Ten player rankings, but Athlon ranks him at #32 (with Mauti at #31). Ron Mussleman writes that Moye is on the precipice of becoming a top 5 WR in Penn State history, but the goal he covets most is reaching 1,000 receiving yards in the 2011 season.

In light of the injuries to Joe Paterno, Every Day Should Be Saturday speculates on how we should best protect our legendary coach. I personally like the Giant Hand idea.

Thank You Terry profiles Penn State hockey's latest commitment Tim Acker, a forward from North Carolina.

Sporting News gives Penn State a preseason rank of 24, and the coaches vote PSU in at #25.

In ESPN's "Yards to Glory" series, Todd Blackledge's pass to Kirk Bowman to beat Nebraska in 1982 makes the list as the "2-yard" play.

Cael Sanderson wrestled this weekend, and he's still got it! Sanderson took part in his first international competition since the Olympics in 2004, and he won Corneanu Memorial Crown in Romania.

Ohio State really needs to decide what their stance on Tressel is. You have the coaches giving out "JT" wristbands to players one day, and the administration taking them away the next. Make up your mind guys!