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Photo Gallery: Penn State vs Alabama

That was fun, huh? Oh wait... not really.

I'll tell you this: It's much more enjoyable to shoot a game when both teams do well. Makes for more interesting storylines to capture on camera.

Since I don't have 10 grand to fork out for a Hubble Telescope lens, it makes my life very difficult when Penn State can't cross mid-field on offense. I park my ass in the opposing team's end zones all game, switching by the quarter, so that I can always have the Penn State players' faces toward me. But when they're 70 yards away all game, it's tough to get what I need.

Enough about me. Enjoy...

Penn State instituted new regulations on photographers this weekend, where now we're required to wear numbered vests, kind of like those pull-over jerseys from gym class. They sent out the email about this policy the night before the game. I asked the guy signing out the vests to media why Penn State didn't do a nice easy test run for Indiana State. But he just said he didn't know. I'm wondering if it had to do with the security threat on Sept. 11 weekend, combined with the fact that every photographer and their mother was trying to get credentialed for the game. I'm leaning toward the former, since the policy guidelines read specifically about who is pointing their cameras and where.

None of that is really important to all of you, but it's interesting.