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Tuesday Recruitin' Had A Great Time In Beaver Stadium

We don't need to cover the on-field product any further than has already been discussed; Chris covered it perfectly yesterday, so we'll leave it at that. However, off the field (not far off, though), more than 40 recruits took in the game and came away with an experience they will hopefully never forget.

Unfortunately, the reactions are slow in coming out. No one has, as of yet, pulled the trigger on a commitment. not that one was seriously expected. A win would have been great, but simply taking in a huge game with a loud student section all in white is a valuable tool for a school like Penn State.

So until we have something more to go on, the recruiting news was slow this week. With so much top talent congregated in one spot, there wasn't much to report. Some players couldn't make it, Noah Spence watched from home, and Cam Williams was almost certainly talking up any un-committed recruit he could. We'll just keep waiting for the siren, and keep an eye on the Big Board.

Penn State Class of 2012 commitments listed above each group in bold with commitment dates

Quarterback (2012 Quota: 1-2)
Skyler Mornhinweg (PA, 7/19/2011)
1. Devin Fuller (NJ)
Analysis: Devin Fuller will be the only quarterback left in this class. It looks like it will be tough to get him out of New Jersey (Rutgers? Really, recruits?). Fuller is set on at least getting a shot to play QB in college, but looks to be better suited for WR/DB in the future.

Running Back (2012 Quota: 1-2)
1. Will Mahone (OH)
2. Akeel Lynch (NY)
3. Kenno Loyal (GA)
Analysis: Reports out of Penn State show that Bill Belton is now practicing with the running backs, a shift from his expected slot receiver role. With slightly more depth at the position, this has likely turned into the Will Mahone Show, and I personally like where we stand with the three-star running back from Ohio.

Wide Receiver (2012 Quota: 2-3)
Eugene Lewis (PA, 8/10/2011)
1. Canaan Severin (MA)
2. Jordan Payton (CA)
Analysis: Severin and Payton are still there, but figuring out who, if either, will take the last WR spot is difficult. This position could be a casualty of the "no more spots" problem, but I expect one more wideout in this class. Payton reportedly is high on both Penn State and Michigan, among other schools.

Tight End (2012 Quota: 2-3)
Brent Wilkerson (MD, 3/26/2011)
Jesse James (PA, 3/28,2011)

J.P. Holtz (PA, 7/22/2011)
1. Kent Taylor (FL)
Analysis: It's tough to say where any of these three commits will end up, so landing Kent Taylor is not paramount. However, he looks like a solid prospect that the staff will certainly find a spot for if he chooses Penn State.

Offensive Line (2012 Quota: 4-5)
Anthony Stanko (OH, 3/19/2011)
J.J. Denman (PA, 5/18/2011)
Joey O’Connor (CO, 6/28/2011)
Analysis: If I were a gambling man, I'd say this position is closed out.

Defensive Tackle (2012 Quota: 4-5)
Brian Gaia (MD, 5/9/2011)
Derek Dowrey (VA, 6/25/2011)
Austin Johnson (NJ, 6/25/2011)
Tommy Schutt (IL, 8/10/2011)
1. Who the hell knows?
2. Jamil Pollard (NJ)
3. Faith Ekakitie (IL)
Analysis: Schutt's addition moves this position to "almost closed" status. Jarron Jones committed to Notre Dame and Faith Ekakitie neglected to list PSU ($ - info in teaser) among his five visits, so I don't know what's going on here. Gaia apparently looked very good at DT in his season opening destruction of Oscar Smith H.S. (Va.).

Defensive End (2012 Quota: 0-1)
1. Noah Spence (PA)
2. Noah Spence (PA)
3. Noah Spence (PA)
Analysis: Noah Spence-or-bust. Bishop McDevitt's season opener was a loss to a talented Gateway team, but Spence did not disappoint. He had nine tackles (1 TFL), and Gateway coach Terry Smith (who has coached and coached against numerous Division 1 products in his nine years at Gateway) said that Spence was "the most explosive defensive lineman he'd ever seen."

Linebacker (2012 Quota: 2-3)
Cam Williams (MA, 3/25/2011)
Nyeem Wartman (PA, 7/9/2011)
Analysis: This position is done for the year. Solid group, but even more special when you consider the fact that Cam Williams has become one of the better recruiters for the staff. Williams will be at the Alabama game, as mentioned. Hopefully he can work some more of that magic that got Wartman and Reeves.

Defensive Back (2012 Quota: 4-6)
Jake Kiley (NH, 7/26/2011)
Armani Reeves (MA, 8/12/2011)
Malik Golden (CT, 8/24/2011)
1. Demetrious Cox (PA) (S)
2. Mike Tyson (VA) (S)
3. Bam Bradley (OH) (S)
Analysis: Well, cornerbacks are wrapped up now, thanks to the New England Triumverate. Penn State will now focus its attention on safeties, with Demetrious Cox being the clear leader on the secondary board. Bradley is back on the board after talks between parties slowed, and he was in attendance on Saturday.

Commits to Date: 17
Estimated Class Size: 21-25
Projected Positions Left (in no particular order): RB, WR, DB (1-2), DT, DE, TE