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Success with Hyperlinking Refuses to Name a Starter

This wasn't the greatest weekend for PSU sports. The football team lost, the women's volleyball team lost matches to both Texas and Stanford, and then the depth chart for Saturday's game against Temple was released... and apparently either Bolden OR McGloin is going to start on Saturday. I'm generally in Joe's corner when it comes to his decisions... but enough is enough. Pick either of them IDC who, but this has to end soon, because I'm actually finding myself agreeing with Bob Flounders.

Anyways, in non-football news, the women's ice hockey team has released their roster. Thank You Terry takes a look back at the Icers' 1990 national championship and the CDT has an article talking about the womens team's move to the CHA, as well as some interesting news about Rec Hall.

A comprehensive college football TV schedule for week 3 can be found here.

The women's soccer team beat #7 Virginia on Sunday, their first win over a top ten team since 2009.

That's all I got. Beat Temple.