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Success with Hyperlinking is Going to Study Hall

Bill C. over at Football Study Hall did a great breakdown of the Alabama/PSU game. I know you're all probably tired of hearing about this game anymore, but it's definitely worth the read. Michael Weinreb also offers his take on the Bolden/McGloin topic over on Grantland.

Now onto new things... here are the game notes for the Temple game on Saturday, and here is a preview of this weekend's game from the Temple perspective.

It may seem like Penn State doesn't put a lot of people in the NFL... but 32 former Penn Staters were on rosters (four are on practice squads) when the NFL started on Sunday, placing PSU in the top 15 for schools sending players to the NFL.

Dig Nittany talks about Penn State's slow start to the 2011 women's volleyball season.

The Penn State women's ice hockey team picked up two more recruits. You can also check up on how recruits set to join the men's team are doing this year.

The women's soccer team is ranked for the first time this year.

In non PSU related news, my other alma mater is copying PSU this weekend... this makes me /facepalm

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